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Target Audience
The target audience is the demographics a website or an online ad is aiming at to attract and sell product or services.


The words on a page or web page copy.


Text Link
A plain HTML link that is not a graphic or special code such as flash or java script.


Text Ad (AdWords term)
A text ad is a concise, action-oriented copy describing the product or service that is being advertised. The text ad appears alongside natural search results and links to a specified web page.


The main keyword focus of a web site. The theme should be carried through the entire site in a logical manner.


Time on Page
The amount of time a visitor spends on a page before clicking away. Server logs and analytics software record the data. It can be an indication of quality and relevance.


Title tag
The text displayed in the blue bar at the very top of the browser window, above "Back," "Forward," "Refresh," "Print," etc. Although inconspicuous to the user, the title tag is the most important element of text on a web page as far as the search engines are concerned. Search engines not only assign the words in the title tag more weight, they also typically display the title tag in the search results, making the title tag an important potential call-to-action as well. Thus, the wording of each page's title tag should be thought through carefully.


A tracer or tag attached by the receiving server to the address (URL) of a page requested by a user. A token lasts only through a continuous series of requests by a user, regardless of the length of the interval between requests. Tokens can be used to count unique users.


Toolbar PageRank
The little green bar graph you can view as part of the Google toolbar. Generally it doesn't count for much because it's only updated occasionally by Google.


A notification that someone has linked to a document on your site. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles.


Tracking (AdWords term)
Track audience response throughout the life of a campaign. Tracking and reporting tools allow you to refine ad creative, placement options, and spending levels.


The amount of users that surf to a site.


Traffic Estimator
Google’s AdWords Traffic Estimator is a tool that provides search volume, average cost-per-click, and position estimates for search advertising in Google's search results and content network. It can be used to predict advertising performance before starting a campaign.


Trust Rank
Passes trust scores from well trusted sources through to other sites throughout the web.


A blogging service that hosts blogs and small business web sites


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