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KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)
The KEI is a measure of how effective a keyword is for a web site.
It compares the count result (number of times a keyword has appeared in the data) with the number of competing web pages to pinpoint exactly which keywords are most effective for your site or campaign.


Keyword(s) & Keyphrase(s)
The word or phrase a user enters into a search engine's search box. In SEO terms, if a keyword doesn't appear anywhere in the text of a web page, it's highly unlikely the page will appear in the search results.


Keyword Cannibalization
The excessive re-use of the same keyword on too many web pages within the same site. This practice makes it difficult for the users and the search engines to determine which page is most relevant for the keyword.


Keyword Density
The number of times a given keyword appears on a web page. The more times a given word appears on a page (within reason), the more weight that word is assigned by the search engine when that word matches a keyword search done by a search. If this value is unnaturally high the page may be penalized.


Keyword Matching (AdWords term)
Keyword matching is the process of selecting and providing advertising or information that match the user's search query.


Keyword Popularity
The number of times a given keyword is searched during a period of time. Many Keyword Selector Tools provide keyword popularity numbers.


Keyword Prominence
The location and placement of a given keyword in the HTML source code of a web page. The higher up on the page the more prominent it is and thus the more weight is assigned by the search engine when that word matches a keyword search.
This concept also applies to the location of important keywords within individual HTML tags, such as heading tags, title tags, or hyperlink text.


Keyword Research
Using tools to determine which keyword phrases people are searching for, and then selecting the most appropriate for use on web pages and in online advertising (AdWords).


Keyword Rich
A web page full of good keywords relevant to the theme or topic of that page.


Keyword Rich Copy
Content on a web page that naturally uses the best keyword phrases people might be typing into a search engine and matches the search query.


Keyword Rich Domain Name
A domain name that utilizes keywords in the hope those words will be given some weight by search engines.


Keyword Rich File Name
ile names using keywords can give extra weight in the search engines when someone uses those keywords in a search query.


Keyword Stuffing
Placing excessive keywords into page copy and the HTML code.


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