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Hallway Page (Sitemap)
A page that serves as an index to a group of pages that you would like the search engine spiders to find. Once a search engine spider indexes the hallway page, it should also follow all the links on that hallway page and in turn index those pages as well.  


Heading Tag
An HTML tag that is used to denote a page or section heading on a web page. Search engines pay special attention to this text as it should indicate the page content.


Hidden Text
Words on a web page which the average person browsing the page would not see, but a search engine does as itís placed in the HTML
source code. Hidden Text is an illegal technique considered to be spamming the search engines


Hidden text
Keywords that are placed in the in such a way that these words are not viewable by human visitors looking at the rendered web page


A hit happens each time a server sends an object - documents, graphics, include files, etc. Thus one pageview could generate many hits. Therefore hits do not correlate with web page visits.


Home Page or Index Page
The top-level page of any website. In terms of SEO, it's the page given the most weight by search engines because it generally has the most internal and external links pointing to it.


Hub (expert page)
A trusted page with high quality content that links out to related pages.


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
The programming language used to mark up web content and display it in a formatted manner. It's up to the web browser software, e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox to render HTML source.


HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
Protocol to communicate between servers and web browsers. Hypertext transfer protocol is the means by which data is transferred from its residing location on a server to an active browser.


Hyperlinks (Links)
An underlined word or phrase, usually a different colour from regular text, which will direct the user to a different page or spot on the same page.


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