The Bonza Bambino can have a unique Content Management System allowing you to easily make unlimited instant changes to your web site

Your web site can be a great way to "talk" with your customers. You can say what you want, when you want and your customers can "listen" when it best suits them. For them, getting back to you is as easy as clicking on your Contact Us link.


For an additional $100 and $25/year, you can easily make unlimited, instant changes to your web site!

Imagine the possibilities... You no longer sell that product? Delete it. Got a new product? Want to add a picture and some information? Go ahead, it'll be "live" on the internet instantly. Want to add a red hot special for a limited time? Announce away, and, whenever you want, remove it. Thought about having regular News Updates about your business? You update the breaking headlines whenever and as often as you want, it's a cinch!

Put the biggest dummy at your business in charge - That's how easy it is!

Can you click on a mouse? You can do it!

Find out about Bonza's unique Content Management System so you can easily make instant, unlimited changes to your web site


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