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When the number of junk emails we received daily here at Bonzawebsites hit 200, we thoroughly researched anti-spam resources worldwide.

Our concern was missing an important email from someone we don't know. This doesn't happen - With this program, you will not miss an important email.

Before recommending Qurb to Bonza clients, we thoroughly tested it.

Excellent. It's easy to use and stops junk email immediately and permanently.

It's worth every penny of the very small cost of the program.

You can download a free evaluation - Or, just dive right in and buy it - Please click on this image:

Tired of Spam?

Here's something for you to think about: Who is the most spammed person in the world?

Take a moment to think whom it might be...

Of course! It's Microsoft chairman Bill Gates who receives 4 million emails a day!

Microsoft has an entire department to filter unsolicited emails and only a few actually get through to his inbox reports Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer.

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