There are many legitimate reasons for sending multiple emails.

You may be The Secretary of your Club and have the job of sending out The Newsletter. You may have a new email address and want to advise everyone in your address book…

These instructions assume the program you use for email, your “Email Client”, is Microsoft Outlook Express.

In these days of Spam, Junk Email, a lot of people get very testy about who receives their email address. It pays to be sensitive to this if you’re sending an email to a lot of people.

The way to do it is to send the email to yourself and send a “blind” copy of the email to all the people you want to contact.

When the email is sent, all recipients will see will be your email address – They won’t see any others.

Here’s how to send an email to yourself with a blind copy to everyone in your ADDRESS BOOK:

Click on FILE. In the DROP DOWN MENU, HOVER over NEW.

In the FLY OUT, Click on MAIL MESSAGE.

Into the TO FIELD type your own email address.

The CC FIELD means “Carbon copy”. Any addresses in this field will be seen by recipients, so, we’re not using this field.

Use the BCC FIELD which means “Blind carbon copy”. Addresses in this field will not be seen by recipients.

“Oi!” You scream, in a blind panic, “I can’t see any bloody Bcc field!” “Relax!” I soothingly reassure you, “There’s no need to use that disgusting language here on the very respectable – Remember you’re in the hands of a Professional – I’ll teach you a cool little trick”.

Remember you clicked on FILE. And in the DROP DOWN MENU, you HOVERED over NEW.

Then, in the FLY OUT, you clicked on MAIL MESSAGE….

Now, in this DIALOGUE BOX, click on VIEW and in the DROP DOWN MENU click on ALL HEADERS.

Voila! Now you have a BCC input field forevermore!

You must feel really bad about losing your cool back there over what turns out to be such a little thing when you have expert guidance at hand. Don’t be too hard on yourself. “Learning curve” and all that… It’s very frustrating for the first 15 years or so, but computing eventually gets easy.

To the left of “BCC”, do you see a cute little icon (that’s computer talk for “picture”, “drawing” or “image”) representing a book? Click on that book.

Ah! There are all your contacts! You can add them all in one foul swoop, or, you can go through the list selecting only certain ones that will receive your email.

Let’s start with the quick way…

Click on the email address at the top of the list. HOLD DOWN the SHIFT key (left of the letter Z) and use the THUMB SLIDER at the right of the list of email addresses to go to the end of the list of email addresses. Now click on the last email address in the list. Note how they all now have a blue background denoting they are SELECTED.

To the right of the list of email addresses, click on BCC.

Cool! All those addresses have been copied over to that field!

Click OK.

Complete the SUBJECT FIELD and, in the body of the email announce the glorious news of your exciting new email address (Or, that The Club will now be conducting Bingo on Thursdays or whatever).


Click SEND.

Congratulations! All those lovely people have received your email and are running around the house in unbridled excitement about having heard from you!

You are (now) a very clever person and should immediately look in the fridge and eat any chocolate cake you find. The whole lot! Forget the diet.

TIP: Again, because of Spam, people are quick to delete emails that are in the slightest bit suspicious or vague. It pays to always think carefully about what you put in the SUBJECT FIELD. Make it clear, concise and descriptive: Try “New email address Sally Jones” ONLY if your name is Sally Jones, of course. I can’t recommend subject fields like “Viagra at lowest prices” etc.

Maybe you don’t want to send this email to everyone in your address book?

Eh! You’re with a Guru here – We can handle this:

Click on FILE. In the DROP DOWN MENU, HOVER over NEW.

In the FLY OUT, Click on MAIL MESSAGE.

Click on the book beside BCC.

HOLD DOWN the CTRL key (It means “Control” and is below the SHIFT key).

Click on the email addresses you do want to send to, one by one.

Use the THUMB SLIDER at the right of the list of email addresses and work your way to the end of the list of email addresses merrily deciding those who are worthy to receive your announcement.

Finally, click on BCC, click OK and click SEND.

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