If you're able to boot your computer to Windows, but cannot connect to your Local Area Network or the Internet, if you have a broadband modem and a router, before calling www.BonzaMobileComputerRepairs.com on 1800 280 440, follow these instructions
EXACTLY to eliminate the most probable cause of the problem:
  • Shut down all the computers on the network

  • Pull the power cords out of the backs of the modem and router

  • Wait 15 seconds (counted "one thousand, two thousand...")

  • Put the power cord back into the modem

  • Wait 2 minutes

  • Put the power cord back into the router

  • Wait 1 minute

  • Start the computers...

If power cycling the modem and router didn't fix the problem, you need an on-site service call from Bonza Mobile Computer Repairs.

To book, call 1800 280 440 or click on this:

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