When your website first goes live it won’t be found by searching on keywords immediately. It can be found if people know the www.address so start promoting it everywhere you can.

We’re going to submit your site to search engines and directories, including some local directories which will invite unsolicited emails and phone calls from resellers of all kinds of “amazing sounding” offers to advertise somewhere, increase exposure, submit to hundreds of search engines, do AdWords etc…..

Don’t fall for their spiel it’s all rubbish.

Why submit to them then? You need to be listed in directories to get links pointing to your site to help increase site exposure and ranking in search results.

If you receive phone calls from people saying they’re from Google, are Google Resellers, working for Google, BEWARE!


Have a read of this article so you’re prepared if you get a call from “Yodel”. http://bonzamobilecomputerrepairs.com/blog/?p=1348

We add Google Analytics tracking code to your site which will give you site traffic statistics.

You’ll receive a report every month directly from Google once enough data has been collected. It’s useful if you advertise elsewhere because it’ll show how much that advertising is driving traffic to your site.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for your site to be indexed, one of the quickest ways to get your services on page one of search results is to use Google AdWords. With AdWords you can have visitors to your site in 15 minutes.

AdWords works on a cost per click basis which means you pay Google when someone clicks on your ad to go through to your website.