A hyperlink is a command invoked when a surfer clicks on an image or some text. One of the things a hyperlink can do is fire up a command to send an email. Here's one, click on it (don't worry, nothing bad will happen):

Now click on this hyperlink HERE

Click on this image:

As you can see, hyperlinks can be applied to any text or image and can fire up a send email module or they can take the surfer to any web page. Here's a classic:

Please click HERE to visit our website

Here's how to do it:

In Word

Type some text, anything at all, such as "Click here to book a Mobile Computer Technician"

Now, "select" the word "here". To do that, place the cursor immediately to the left of the word and press F8 (up the top of the keyboard).

Tap the Right Arrow to move along selecting the word "here".

In the Command line (at the top of the screen), click Insert

From the Drop down menu, click on Hyperlink

This is the Insert hyperlink Dialogue Box and this time, we want to create a hyperlink to a web page. On the left side of the Dialogue box, click on Existing File or Web Page

Now we need the exact address of the particular page in the website that we want to link to, so, go to and navigate to the page called Bookings.

In the Address Box at the top of your browser Internet Explorer, you'll see the exact address. Single left click anywhere in that field. Notice how the address is "selected".

Hold down the CTRL key (at the bottom left of the keyboard) and, at the same time click C (that means "copy").

Now go back to Word and the Insert Hyperlink Dialogue Box.

Click in the Address field (at the bottom) and use the delete key to remove anything that may be there.

Hold down the CTRL key and at the same time click V (that means "paste"). I know. Why isn't it "P"? I didn't have a clue until the very clever Emily Gomez from Chicago, Illinois explained CTRL + P was taken. Someone took their pick on what was used more often and figured people print more often than paste.  So PRINTING won the CTRL + P contest! Thank you Emily.

Click OK

The highlighted text is now hyperlinked to that particular page on the Brisbane Mobile Computer Repairs website.

NOTE: If you want the hyperlink to go to an email address, in the Insert hyperlink Dialogue Box, on the left side, click on E-mail Address. Type the E-mail address in the E-mail Address field. You can even stipulate a subject line (such as "Website Contact") in the next field.

Finally, click OK.

To create a hyperlink under an image in Word, use the Insert>Picture commands to insert the image in Word.

Click on the image to select it.

Use the Insert>Hyperlink commands to create the hyperlink.